LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror Illuminated Wall Touch Light Vanity Makeup

Bathroom LED Mirror with bluetooth speaker + make-up mirror +touch switch



Technical data:
*Dimensions: 80×60 cm / 100×60 cm /120×60 cm /80×80 cm /100×80 cm /120×80 cm /
*LED Color: both White Warm 3000K and White Cold 7000K on one mirror (two LED stripes with switch button)
*Polished and ground edges
*The thickness of the glass surface: 4mm
*The distance of the mirror from the wall: 31 mm
*Power consumption: 9,6W / m thanks to the use of LED lighting
*Lifespan of LED diodes: up to 35 000h
*Number of LED diodes and the energy efficiency class: 120 / m energy efficiency class A ++
*The mirror is equipped in the transformer 230V
*Led clock: Included
*Light switch: touch switch

*Accessories: bluetooth speaker + make-up mirror


led mirror


















led mirror