Kitchen Free Standing Cabinet Base Units For Living Room & Bedroom 30×72×56cm

Kitchen Free Standing Cabinet Base Units For Living Room&Bedroom 30×72×56cm



Kitchen Base Units White Cabinets

Size: 300mm(W)×720mm(H)×560mm(D) 
This is a warm white cabinet, good for you to design your dream house.
The thickness of the sheet is increased to 18mm, which enhances the durability of the cabinet and prevents deformation.
Adjustable legs are designed to accommodate different locations in your home. Adjust the cabinet legs range: 140mm-180mm.

Maybe you wanna know:

1.Why the cabinets have no doors?
The open space demonstrates your ability to designed and decorative. Warm white cabinets are more suitable for conspicuous items.
2. How to hide the ugly screws?
We will send you a warm white decorative hat to cover the ugly screw holes.
3. Will the installation process be very troublesome?
The installation process is simple and we will give you a detailed installation instructions.
The base cabinet and top/wall cabinet floor have positioning holes for adjustable feet, which are convenient for positioning and adjustment.
4. How about the moisture resistance of the cabinet?
Each board is edged to improve moisture resistance.
5. Is the cabinet easy to loose?
The cabinet is equipped with a fixing device to effectively prevent the board from falling off and sliding.